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A Word From Ivo…..
As a photographer, having had the good fortune of being able to travelling extensively around the world, I have had the opportunity to shoot in some of the most iconic locations on this earth. In this section of the website I will share with you some of my own personal favourite shots from my travels, and some of what I believe to be my best work from that ‘traveling’ period of my life.


Aboriginal People


Aboriginal People

Unperturbed by the frequent downpours of torrential rain,
and throngs of soaking tourists, these native’s of Darwin,
Australia enjoy their afternoon chat on the sidewalk.


Aboriginal Art

Such impressive examples of human history are found on rocks all over Australia.
This shot was taken in the
Tjapukai Cultural Centre in Darwin.

 06-Hong Kong NightHong Kong By Night

I found the greatest vista to capture this magical scene was from
the water looking landward.
What a futuristic image I’m sure you’ll agree.
A fantastic laser show each evening completes the colourful
presentation of a city with so much life.

07-Hong Kong

Hong Kong By Day

An impressive sight, even if a little less colorful by
day as in the evening hours.
The Hong Kong skyline by day, complete with some of the many
ferries that journey back and forth
daily down at the waters edge.

09-Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin Monastery

The Po Lin Monastery is a Buddihist monastery on Lantau Island, Hong Kong.
This shot was taken at the entrance gate and already at this stage
I was immersed in the sounds of gongs calling people to worship, and the
powerful aroma of the burning candles and incense.
The main temple itself was a powerful emblem of the Chinese faith,
filled completley with flowers, aromas and of course Buddah statues.
The atmosphere affected all of the senses and was so overwhelming
I almost felt like I was on a movie set..

11-Tian Tan Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha-
Lantau Island-Hong Kong

The Tian Tan Buddha, also known as the Big Buddha,
is located near the Po Lin Monestery.
It is one of the fifth largest Buddha statues in China and a truly
spectacular sight, especially for photgraphers.

 12-88 flourGrand Hyatt Hotel-Jin Mao Tower-Shanghai

The Jin Mao Tower offers many unique experences for visitors to the city.I travelled to the observation deck on the 88th Floor,
in one of the fastest elevators in the world! Travelling at 9 meters per second, I reached the top in 45 Seconds!
The Grand Hyatt Hotel is one of the highest hotels in the world and occupys floors 53-87 of the building!
This shot captures the vista from the top of the hotel, down to the lobby below! Unique!



I took this picture in the Old Town of Shanghai.
I found this place to be a perfect combination of gardens, temples,
old architecture, business, souvenirs, and food.
A photographer’s dream! Streets full of old style Chinese temples,
neighbouring 100 storey buildings!

 16-GuvechChinese Cuisine

The Chinese steam food in woven bamboo trays that stack
one on top of the other.
This picture was taken as I walked along the street in Tian Gu,
in the Tian Jin province of China.

19-Brunei Darussalam

17-Brunei Darussalam


Nurul Iman Palace-Brunei Darussalam

The Land of The Rich! Visiting this palace was definately an experience to remember! The Palace is the largest and most luxurious palace in the world and is home to the Sultan of Brunei. Its situated on the north coast of the island of Borneo, in Southest Asia. Local people have great affection for the Sultan as he provides free medical care, education and housing to the people of Brunei! Happy place! Oh how I wish I was a local……


22-New Guinea-Rabul21-New Guinea-RabulRabaul-Papua New Guinea

Although devestated in 1994 by a Volcanic eruption, Rabaul is still home to a community of locals who warmly welcomed us to experience their humble life. The tourism industry suffered in the years following the eruption but is slowly geting back on its feet. The locals take the opportunity to sell their hand made produce while they sit chewing Betel nuts and attempt to take shelter from the heat. The water that surrounds the volcano, although looks welcoming in places, is actually at boiling temperature! Glad I didnt decide to dip my toes!

20-New Guinea-Rabul

 29-Australia-Brisbane-Koala SanctuaryBrisbane-Australia

This Iguana literally just came right up to me…. He was probably not more than a metre away from my feet as I walked on the street! A friendly guy indeed! I kinda got the feeling he was staring at me, wanting to say…..
`Hey you…..give me some food of that food!`

The locals have a story about these guys……They say…..
How do you recognise a tourist from a local when an Iguana is about?
…….tourists take out their cameras and start to take pictures,…………
…….locals just rub their belly’s:)….. Yum!

 31-Australia-Brisbane-Koala SanctuaryKoala Sanctuary-Brisbane-Australia

Founded in 1927, this is the world’s oldest and largest Koala Sanctuary. One of the most amazing places I’ve had the opportunity to visit in Brisbane. So many different species just walking around and looking outstanding. Koalas, Kangaroos, Iguanas, Tasmanian Devils, Wombats, Reptiles, Platypus,Cockatoos, Kookaburras, Emus and many more … countless opportunities for great pictures.!

And not only that…… to top it off, you are free to roam where you please…. in and amongst the animals…..feeding the Kangaroos and Iguanas … What an amazing experience we had!

 34-Cozumel-MexicoChankanaab National Park-Cozumel Island-Mexico

This piece of Mayan art was an enchanting discovery during a visit to this National Park. Such impressive sculptures make easy prey for someone like me as I made my way slowly around the grounds, camera at the ready!

 35-Tjapukai - Aboriginal Cultural ParkTjapukai Aboriginal Park-Queensland

A day in the life of the aboriginal people of Australia! A trip to this cultural park gave me many insights into the life of these people and their ancient way of living. Truly spectacular colours were evident not only on their impressive artwork, but as you can see here, also on their bodies as they perform a native dance ritual.

 36-Crocosaurus Cove-DarwinCrocosaurus Cove-Darwin

The cunning crocodile was the star of the show at this Darwin attraction. It allows visitors a chance for an up close and personal experience with some of Australias Saltwater Crocodiles! The “Cage of Death” even allows visitors to get down into a tank and spend some face to face time with one very large repitle called “Houdini”. Unfortunatley I didnt have my underwater camera case…. and I was happy to use that as my excuse not to take the dip!

 37-Crocosaurus Cove-DarwinCrocosaurus Cove-Darwin

The opportunity to see some lazy lizards being fed at the indoor enclosure was very cool indeed! This guy devoured an egg in one piece just before this shot was taken! Yum!

 39-Cable Beach - Broome-AustraliaCable Beach-Broome-Australia

Amazing to get a chance to see the intriciate detail on this guy as he soaked up some sun on the beach in Western Australia.



Probably one of my favourite destinations in the world! A combination of the people and the beauty of the place makes this somewhere I would love to return to. I visited the town of Ubud, which was so full of traditions and customs and a very spiritual place indeed. Street sellers with so much character made bartering for hand made crafts great fun, and also made for some amazing photos. The colour in the photo to the left, was not inhanced in any way, the vivid greens and reds were so spectacular, helping to make this place definately one of my top 5 places to shoot.

 42-Edinburg - ScotlandEdinburgh-Scotland

One of my lasting impressions of Edinburgh was how neat, tidy and exceptionally well presented the town centre was. The scale of the buildings such as the Old Castle and the Queens residence Holyrood Place were of course the stars of the show, but all around were beautifully kept residences such as this one with perfect gardens. So picturesque.

43-Normandy-Calvados and Honfluer Calvados-Normandy-France

Calvados is an apple brandy brewed in the beautiful province of Normandy in Northern France. Seen here in these impressive oak casks my mouth was watering as I made my way round the brewery! Unfortunately for me, this brandy wont be ready for at least 2 years! Not sure if I can wait that long!

45-Halifax,Nova Scotia-Canad

Halifax-Nova Scotia-Canada

Visiting the capital of Nova Scotia several times over the past few years gave me many opportunities for some great shots, however this shot taken in the Public Gardens is one of my favourites. This miniature bridge and house were nestled in amongst the foliage and home to numerous friendly ducks!



I really enjoyed my time in Norway over the last few years. Although at times the wet weather can sometimes be a hindrince for a photographer, when those sunny days do come along the landscape is nothing but stunning.

 47-Cozumel-MexicoCozumel Island-Mexico

One of my dreams was to visit the Carribean, sip a cool drink on a white sandy beach and watch the world go by! These chairs, the sand, the sun and the cocktail in my hand were the perfect combination to make my dream come true.

 48-Cozumel-MexicoCozumel Island-Mexico

Mexico has many folkloric dances and on this day in Cozumel I witnessed a spectacular display from a local dance troupe. The atmosphere created by the dancers was electric and the passion they hold for their culture was really evident in their performance.


Scotland never dissapoints when it comes to impressive buildings to capture through the lens. The beautiful brickwork is excellently maintained, preserving towns such as Inverness for the generations to come.

 51-Puntarenas-Costa RicaPuntarenas-Costa Rica

The beautiful Pacific coast beachs of Costa Rica are always a favourite with travelers and I took the time to dip my toes in the welcoming waters as I relaxed here one afternoon.

 52-Gamboa Rain Forest-PanamaSoberania National Park Rain Forest-Panama

The peacefull waters of the Chagres River near the infamous Panema Canal offer stunning vistas as far as the eye can see.

55-Embera Indian Village- Panama

Embera Indian Village-Panama

I was so lucky to have the rare opportunity to visit this Authentic Native Indian vilage. The Embera people live in what could only be called a different era and I was happy to be a part of it, even if only for a few hours. It was very interestingto be around them and learn about the way they live…


One of the most impressive skylines I’ve seen in my life…So calm and beautiful over the peaceful waters of South East Alaska.


This beautiful place is along the East Coast of Alaska. Whittier-peaceful sleepy and also in some ways lonely, but very very beautiful.

 58-Glacier BayMargerie Glacier-Alaska

The sheer size of this chunk of ice was so impressive that I just couldn’t help but wonder how many years its been there, and what the future will bring as it sculpts the surrounding landscape in beautiful Glacier Bay.

 60-Fern Grotto-Kauai-HawaiiFern Grotto-Kauai-Hawaii

The authentic Hawaiian experience I had at the Fern Grotto, Kauai, made me realise that the real Hawaiian culture is something more than just the hula and ukulele. Its the spirit of the Hawaiian people who are so beautful to witness and I think this is the real jewel of their land.

I took the Wailua River Boat to the Fern Grotto, and enjoyed beautiful hawaiian music and dancing, and listened to stories about this sacred place from these local guides.

Many famous people have visited here down through the years, and it has also been the set of various movies. Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii being probably the most famous one to note.

In fact they say….. Don’t search for Elvis in Las Vegas…….
come to the Wailua River, Fern Grotto….. and you will find him here!



In Hawaii, you can see some of the most dramatic cloud formations change before your eyes. As you can see in these pictures, a beautiful day, and in a few minutes, came that rain cloud which gave me the oppportunity for this great shot, just before the heavans opened! Amazing colours, changing every minute… A Photgraphers Paradise!